Managed IT Services

Focus on running your business – let CPR’s experienced team of technicians focus on running your IT.


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Remote Support Service:

CPR’s IT Support technicians will monitor your network remotely, catching problems before they strike your business, keeping your computers and network running. We will push patches to software and repair errors remotely, without ever needing to step on site and disrupt your business!


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On-Site Support Service:

If we can’t fix your IT problem remotely, we’ll be on site within four hours to repair your equipment in person, minimizing downtime. We will preform hardware repair and equipment replacement, and if you have our full managed support, you will only be billed for the cost of the equipment – labor is covered!

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Backup and Disaster Solutions:

A disaster or hardware failure that causes a loss of data can be fatal to a business – over 60% of companies that lose data shut down within 6 months of the disaster. Don’t let this happen to you – with CPR’s remote IT Support Services, we will back your data up to a secure cloud storage space, protecting your business and allowing you to get up and running after a disaster or hardware failure.

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Monthly Reports:

As part of our ongoing dedication to customer service, each month you will receive a report from CPR detailing the current health of your network – another way to spot potential problems before they strike your business and cost you time and money. Additionally, this report gives you the peace of mind that your IT network is being properly cared for.

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Help Desk Support:

Have an IT question or concern? If you’re with CPR, help from an experienced technician with years handling IT Support problems is just a phone call away. Don’t outsource your business’ lifeline to somewhere far away – get help from a local professional who knows the needs of your business.

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Real Time Monitoring:

How long does it take you to notice when a critical service or program fails, or when a piece of equipment puts out an error? With CPR’s real time monitoring, your IT Support team will know that moment. Don’t let risks build up under the scenes – with CPR, your network always has eyes watching.

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 Relocation Services:

Moving networking and computer equipment is no small feat. The time it can take to set equipment up and shift it from one location to another is immense – not to mention the chance that once it’s there, it might not be set up correctly! Don’t take chances with your business, trust the experts: CPR. We can relocate your equipment for you, and test it at the new site, ensuring your business is back up and running as soon as possible.