TeamViewer Hacks

Welcome to the first blog from CPR-Computer Peripheral Repair.

Today we are going to talk about TeamViewer and everything that has happened to them over the past week. If you don’t know, TeamViewer is a service that allows professionals and consumers to access their computers remotely. Many customers of TeamViewer have been reporting that their PayPal accounts and other important data had been hacked into from their TeamViewer account. What was happening was people would be on their computers, TeamViewer would randomly open, and suddenly they would lose control. Once TeamViewer was open the user would totally lose control of the computer while the person on the other end could do as much damage as they wanted to.

Many people were getting extremely angry at TeamViewer for getting hacked, but it may not be their fault at all. The reason I say this is becase some popular social media sites (MySpace, Tumblr, Fling, and LinkedIn) have been subjected to large scale data thefts recently and once hackers had stolen the passwords from these social media sites, if the same password was used for TeamViewer they had an easy way to get in. This meant that it was not the fault of TemViewer, but unfortunately the fault of the user for using the same password for multiple different things.

Here is part of the official statement from some officials at TeamViewer:

“As you have probably heard, there have been unprecedented large scale data thefts on popular social media platforms and other web service providers. Unfortunately, credentials stolen in these external breaches have been used to access TeamViewer accounts, as well as other services.

We are appalled by the behavior of cyber criminals and are disgusted by their actions towards TeamViewer users. They have taken advantage of common use of the same account information across multiple services to cause damage.”

The statement continued to say that there are two measures being put in place to stop all of the TeamViewer password problems. The first thing that is being instituted is something called “Data Integrity.” Data Integrity is supposed to be an automated monitoring system that detects when an account has been hacked. The second measure being created is called “Trusted Devices.” This will make any computer that is running TemaViewer for the first time ineligible to run the program until the owner of the account that is being signed in on the program has verified it through either an e-mail or through the TeamViewer phone app.

Our advice to you is first, if you have a TeamViewer account go change your password now. The other advice we have for you is to never use the same passwords across multiple accounts for different things.

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